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Moon in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

Individuals with Moon in Sagittarius feel an inherent need for freedom and space. They are quite happy and outgoing as long as they don´t feel trapped in a physical place or an immutable situation that pressures them.

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Moon in SagittariusThis is an influence that acts as an increase in optimism, making those born under a Sagittarius moon more likely to believe in something bigger and have that internal feeling that everything will work out in the end. They tend to be more adaptable people and they are generally constantly on the move, especially if their Sun or Rising sign is also in another fire sign. As a result, their capacity for improvisation is also heightened, as is a greater need for space and freedom. Such things can bring on emotional comfort, making them people with a livelier soul.

In their circle of closest contacts, they show joy, companionship and optimism. Meeting new people, new places, gaining knowledge and exploring the world can be important things that contribute to a greater sense of well-being. In their homes, they probably like large environments that provide a greater sense of freedom. In fact, generally speaking, people with this positioning probably like to get involved in outdoor activities.

Another trend is for them to be a more productive and goal-oriented person, with the ability to handle many tasks and responsibilities without feeling so much pressure, in addition to the possibility of their carrying out grandiose projects. But there is a curious aspect at this point: they can more readily forget commitments, although this is not a bad thing, just because of the infinity of possibilities that are being handled internally.

Such a moon positioning can also make people more independent, frank, optimistic, enthusiastic and inspired. On the negative side, they can become intolerant and complain too much, which can lead to arrogant behavior and a sense of pride, because they think they have more virtues than others.

I am not into problems, thank you.

They rarely allow difficulties to let them down, because no matter if the past or present is dark, they always hope for a better future. They tend to be uncomfortable with their own problems or with other people's emotional problems or pains. When things get difficult or boring, they tend towards evasion, especially if other positioning in their chart support such a trend. They do not like to stick to a routine for a long time or to experience problems all the time; they need an escape valve. They may even try to enliven things or offer advice, be it philosophical, religious, inspirational or didactic to those who are suffering, but unwittingly avoid or ignore the emotions involved, as they are prone to a great deal of optimism.

The unique taste of freedom

This positioning of the moon can entail a great need for freedom. Internally, these people feel that they need to have their freedom respected, as if it were something sacred. They may even be romantic in relationships, though their emotional side does not enjoy possessiveness or jealousy. As they are generally more outspoken, they can believe that they are beyond suspicion and that they really need their space.

At any rate, whoever wants to get along with someone who has their Moon in Sagittarius must learn to respect their space. There is no point in wanting to change the way they are, or to demand that they be constantly present. The more trapped they feel, the more likely they are to lose interest and their emotional link.

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