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Moon in Leo in the BirthChart

Moon in Leo people tend to be very idealistic and capable of making great personal sacrifices for the causes they believe in, even perhaps in the face of irrefutable evidence that their idealism or loyalty may be wrong.

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Moon in LeoThis positioning of the moon in a Fixed Fire Sign makes those thus born with this in their charts quite idealistic and capable of making great sacrifices in favor of the causes in which they believe and the people in whom they trust. Even in the face of evidence that their idealism or loyalty may have been misplaced, they may find it difficult to change their mind. All this is due to stubbornness coupled with a strong being of purpose, determination and tenacity, something that also helps them get what they want.

They are people with a more energetic and self-centered emotional side, especially when it comes to protecting not only their own freedom, but also the rights and freedom of others. This generally makes them more popular in the eyes of others, valued for their integrity and a more clearly discernible sense of justice.

It is easier to use reason than to argue with them and appealing to their sense of justice is a sound tactic, as they often have this deeply rooted and comforting need to treat others with dignity. Leading can also bring that sense of comfort, especially in the family environment, where they can have tremendous creative capacity. The darker side of the positioning suggests a dose of selfishness, vanity and ostentation, in addition to laziness and authoritarianism.

I am what I am

The sign of Leo is generally known for the need to feel special, noted for having generous and expansive attitudes. Individuals with their Moon in Leo are not necessarily extroverted, but when they feel comfortable, they really like to be noticed. That is, they like to be in the limelight, in the comfort of their own homes with whom they feel good. They can also enjoy entertaining others, doing things from the heart and being funny to those who have intimacy. It is not uncommon to see them surrounded by people who are enjoying their stories and attitudes.

Sometimes they may feel the need to organize events (even if they are on the intimate side) for people to be around them. Some even want to command people to accompany them on their adventures, be it eating in a certain restaurant, attending a show, going to a certain place, etc. And it is not uncommon for them to be able to recruit their soldiers!

It is as if internally they feel that they are on a mission to make things work, and they enjoy supervising what happens in their most intimate circle. Therefore, when you are participating in something organized by someone with the Moon in Leo, know that they are probably taking care of everything in their own way.

The relationships of a Leo moon

The influence of the Moon in Leo on a birth chart can make those born under this aspect warmer and more generous to those they like, in addition to showing devotion and loyalty to their loved ones. They tend to have a more jealous emotional nature, although they are not naturally very possessive. They need a partner that they can admire. With that energy, it becomes a little more difficult to bond emotionally with someone that you do not respect or that you do not admire and are proud of.

They often want to be adored, with that kind of adoration that kings and queens think they need, because part of their emotional nourishment is to feel recognized and appreciated. Their feelings are hurt when they feel ignored. They also have a tendency to dislike emotional games or lack of dignity. They feel internally that they need to give and receive love to always be happy and at ease with life.

When their pride is hurt, they are given to making great scenes and being in a bad mood. However, it is more difficult for this to happen in the presence of others, because when in public, they prefer to take things in a more focused way.

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