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Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer in the Birth Chart

Venus in Cancer further intensifies a maternal, constantly nurturing side in the relationship. Those with this positioning are usually affectionate with their children, relatives, lovers and friends in general. They will want to look after everyone, nurturing them and attending to their needs. Usually homebodies, they like looking after their home and their family, and probably love cooking for their friends. They are more likely to maintain a comfortable, beautiful home, always ready to welcome visits.

Because they love comfort, they often prefer having fun at home instead of partying out.

Constant Sensitivity

Usually more sensitive in their romantic relationships, those with Venus in Cancer tend to be easily hurt. However, women with this positioning will sometimes do all they can not to show they are feeling vulnerable. Men, on the other hand, will let their partner know, somehow. When they are bored and lonely, those with this chart position can even take the initiative and show how they feel. However, they usually do everything very discreetly.

These are people who, to feel safe and loved, need frequent displays of affection. When Venus in Cancer is under tension, unpredictable emotional reactions, excessive sentimentalism and foul moods may ensue.

They value financial and domestic stability and, when they do get married they look for a stable life, cherishing their loved ones and their time at home.

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