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Venus in House 8 of the BirthChart

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venus in 8th house birth chart

In this sector, Venus is at its accidental detriment, meaning that the planet does not have its power of action in maximum syntony, making its beneficial effects have a little more difficulty in expressing themselves in relation to this house. House 8 shows inheritances, the money we can earn from others, the couple’s money, and their investments. Having this positioning on the chart can help you in long-term financial investments, especially if Venus is in beneficial contact with Saturn or Jupiter. The couple’s finances are positively influenced, disputes and lawsuits involving money can tip to their side, positively favoring them and bringing unexpected financial gains eventually.

The tendency is also for natives to be benefited in some way by a legacy, that is, other people’s resources, at some point in life. One form of benefit can be an inheritance, for example. Sometimes money or perks can be easily attracted as the energies here are also linked to profiting on business. Enjoying physical, deeply intense, emotional, and passionate pleasures can be a constant, although there is a tendency to hide such sides of their nature. People with this positioning may feel encouraged to participate in transformation processes that aim to bring to the surface what is hidden, such as investigative processes and in-depth research.

They tend to see beauty in secret or mysterious things, dark and performance art, and may also have great sexual energy, something that can be one of the most striking points in their love relationships. There may also be more ease in harmonizing emotional issues, more easily regenerating from any problems in this regard. Everything deep, from attachments to the feelings themselves, gains even more intensity, and even with great chances of destruction, there are also the same chances of regeneration.

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