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Venus in Taurus in the BirthChart

A person with Venus in Taurus has the potential to be loyal and enjoy lasting relationships that provide emotional security and stability.

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Venus in TaurusThose with Venus in Taurus have the potential to be loyal and to enjoy lasting, emotionally stable relationships. However, they can become jealous and possessive if their emotional stability is threatened. They usually prefer to draw the person in when interested in someone. The chase can be less than a thrill to them. Besides, being in that position can make them lazy, so they sometimes wait for others to do their hard work.


They tend to be sexy and thoroughly enjoy physical contact, thanks to Taurus, which rules over all things sensory. There could be a solid affinity to earthly elements, making it a pleasure to watch plants, flowers and trees. Gardening or any growth-related activity can be a pleasant and exciting hobby.


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Beauty can be something more essential to Taurus: this is why those with Venus in Taurus tend to like attractive people or be attractive themselves. At the same time, they could want to always look good in social interactions. Whoever enters a relationship with these individuals tends to enjoy the comfort or luxury they can provide. They value financial and material stability, achieving it with ease.


Those with this position in their charts understand the value of material objects. They like to purchase long-lasting, beautiful things that they consider valuable. Therefore, they usually want to keep their home lovely. They could also be interested in arts and music. Painting and sculpting are some interests in focus.


The voice and singing can be favored since Taurus rules the throat and larynx, and Venus confers beauty and grace. This mix can result in individuals with rich, melodious voices.

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