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Venus in Capricorn in the BirthChart

People with Venus in Capricorn usually express love and affection in a more cautious, reserved, and serious way, protecting themselves from hurts in relationships. This position brings a greater desire for love, recognition and consideration.

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Venus in CapricornOrder, authority or status can be crucial to people with Venus in Capricorn, as this is a source of emotional security to them. This is why they think it’s better to have a relationship with someone older or more experienced who can offer them a structure to enjoy life’s pleasures, visit exciting places or talk about more serious, less trivial subjects.


They can exude a majestic air as if they are superior to regular people. Because of that, other people think they are snobbish, even if they aren’t. This characteristic could make them uncomfortable since they care a lot about what other people think about them. If this Venus positioning is under tension, they may replace their feelings with obscure, self-interested reasons. They can make decisions such as getting married. With a well-developed administrative ability and a taste for art, the possibility of becoming an antiques dealer, museum curator or public official can appeal to them.


Closed Conduct


Those with Venus in Capricorn are usually careful, reserved and serious when expressing love and affection. This happens due to their strong desire to be protected against getting hurt in relationships. This position brings a stronger desire for love, recognition and respect, making individuals with Venus in Capricorn usually uninterested in superficial relationships.


They’ll likely remain faithful through good and bad experiences in their relationships and tend to stay loyal when they think their partner is worthy of trust. A Saturn in Capricorn regency influences this Venus positioning, heightening a tendency to repress feelings. However, this doesn’t stop them from being sexy in intimate moments when they feel safe enough.


When they are young, they can seek older, more mature people for their relationships. As they get older, they could look for affection in someone younger. However, some things stay the same: their partner needs to offer security and stability, materially or emotionally. This individual can project a certain solitude, which could intrigue others and become a source of appeal. It is as if that loneliness were hiding a mystery to be solved.

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