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Venus in House 7 of the BirthChart

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venus in 7th house

Venus, the ruler of Libra, feels very good in this sector. House 7 shows our relationship with others, our associations, partnerships, and marriage. Every type of partnership tends to be more beneficial and bring good fruits, which is an indication of more fluidity, balance, love, and beauty in relationships, especially with the spouse and partners, especially if Venus is in good contact with Saturn.

It can make one more harmonious and charming with others, valuing and worrying about issues such as justice and balance, nurturing a greater aversion to injustice. Marriage can be a great wish and seen as a source of happiness. One may have more charisma and communicate well socially, as well as being able to use the art of persuasion more subtly.

It is also a good positioning to bring peace where there is discord, and by the way, many times natives may have a strong inner desire to do this. In marriage, in partnerships, or a relationship, one is more likely to be liked by their partner and particularly good at pleasing and making their spouse happy. However, they may feel that they need a perfect relationship and react excessively when expectations are not met.

It usually affects natives to have desires for luxury or beauty in their relationship, both romantically and materially, and they look for a partner who can give them (or help them have) these things. Sometimes, it may be necessary to learn to get by on their own, in a way that is less committed to someone, because this greater need for commitment, if not well understood, can become self-annulment, where those born with this positioning give up their own will to live only for their spouse, as this will also give them pleasure. Despite this, when experiencing relationship problems, they tend to be a more respectful person and resolve everything with more class and diplomacy.

House 7 also represents the legal disputes that we face throughout our lives. Having Venus in this sector, if there is no tension involved, is a harbinger of good luck and victories in legal matters throughout life.

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