Venus Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius in the Birth Chart

People with Venus in Aquarius usually have a lot of friends and are popular, loved and humane. They like being pleasant to others, meaning their relationships tend to be ruled by generosity and friendship. Having a quick fling can be specially appealing to these individuals.

They are not too adept at following every rule of society, so their behavior can seem odd to a lot of people. They often like to be seen as rebellious, unique and a little provocative, which makes them stand out for thinking and acting originally, “out of the box”, in society and relationships. However, this doesn’t mean they lack morals or principles. Their behavior simply reflects what they think as fair and important in their lives and that of others, since they care a lot about community.

They have a strong intuition about other people’s emotional state. They tend to defend the oppressed and to be respected for doing so, especially since they don’t care if these could actions negatively affect them. They usually treat everyone with the same respect. They can also be a guiding light for those who need help, but they need to be careful not to attract people who are too eccentric and erratic.

Stubbornness can be a strong trait, which can make them ignore other people’s point of view, especially if they don’t agree with them.

Leading the Way

Venus in Aquarius is always looking to the future. Those under this position tend to feel as if they’re one step ahead of the crowd. Their inspiration will often be misunderstood and, when the time comes they’ll usually be after something new. This happens due to their unique eye for different and innovative things.

Aquarius brings a revolutionary energy, which can instigate a desire to revolutionize the present to bring collective progress. They are usually eclectic, enjoying a little of everything. For example, they can feel attracted to both ancient and extremely modern art forms.

Free to Roam

People with Venus in Aquarius don’t always have stable, lasting relationships. Since they hate stagnation, they need variety, intellectual stimulation and affinity in their relationships. They tend to be friendly with everyone, but their attention will not be grabbed by all. They can be attracted to original or eccentric types, the odder the better.

They also appreciate those who can help them expand their social expression. Their partner must be a friend and a lover in equal measure. For those born with Venus in Aquarius, freedom has a lot of weight when it comes to relationships. This is why they hate to have a jealous or possessive person by their side. They tend to grow apart from people who try to restrict their freedom, be it physical or intellectual. Their personality can be captivating, preferring to be loved for their visionary mind more than for any physical attributes.

They can show constant dedication to those they truly love, respect and, above all, admire. These individuals want to be faithful in their relationships, but their feelings can change radically and suddenly. One such feeling can be a stronger desire for personal freedom or new experiences. This is something which can lead to breaking off old relationships and suddenly forging new bonds if they feel that relationship shows signs of stagnation, with less friendship and affinity. They will run away from relationships where there’s too much dependency, as they place great value in individuality.

This behavior can cause turbulence in a stabler relationship, such as a marriage, as these individuals will find it challenging to act within conventional boundaries. Because of that, it would be sensible to look for partners who understand their personality, as freedom is a two-way street for them.

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