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Venus in Scorpio in the BirthChart

Everything tends to be stronger and more intense with Venus in Scorpio. Emotions and desires are always on the surface. They tend to be proud when it comes to sex and romance in their relationships, but there can also be a good deal of jealousy.

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Venus in Scorpio Everything seems stronger and more intense with Venus in Scorpio. Desires and emotions are always just below the surface. They are usually proud concerning sex and romance in their relationships but can also be incredibly jealous. However, suppose the individual with this positioning is more evolved. In that case, they will do anything for love, making for more robust relationships and liaisons.


For that to happen, their partner must deserve their attention and feelings to make this relationship worthy of investment. When Venus in Scorpio is under tension, there is more sensuality and a more vital preoccupation with feeling an absolute connection with their partner. More intimate relationships could bring a more significant emotional charge, making desires and feelings even more intense.


This position's emotional intensity can make the individual develop a taste for extreme arts, especially those with an intense, dramatic charge.


Scorpio in the Planet of Relationships


Those with Venus in Scorpio also tend to take their romances very personally and seriously. They then need to work on their sense of humor and lighten up in life. Sometimes, they can have a very all-or-nothing attitude in their relationships, hating indecision. In a woman's chart, if Venus is under tension in Scorpio, she can be a bit of a "femme fatale," using all her seduction techniques to attract and manipulate their targets.


Another possibility is that person's desire to subtly dominate or control their relationships, marriage or business partnerships. Still under tension, the individual with this position in their chart can be led to emotional excesses or obsessions. However, they will keep their pride and dignity, acting distant and mysterious until they feel safe in their relationships.

Besides, natives are usually attracted by people with a mysterious aura, very much like their own!


Unrequited Love


In their relationships, they need to be loved back. If their feelings are reciprocated, all is well in their universe. However, if rejected or disillusioned, they can feel betrayed, resented and embittered. Jealousy can also take over, transforming their romances into love/hate relationships. Besides potential anger, this person can act cold and indifferent towards their partner, especially if feeling offended or mistreated.


Consequently, there will be a break in the relationship, which will have to be restarted under new terms, where the person tends to be less intense, attempting to avoid being hurt again.

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