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Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo in the Birth Chart

Individuals with Venus in Leo can show intense feelings and tend to be more romantic and loyal to those who they consider worthy of their feelings. They like showing off their partner. However, they can get jealous if they don’t get the attention which they think they deserve. They can be more theatrical and over-the-top in their social behavior and are usually attracted to intensely dramatic and exciting relationships. Because they love dramatizing their emotions, they can become good actors, actresses or PR professionals.

They are also more likely to become good at photography, painting, sculpture and other visual arts.

Leo’s Expansiveness in Relationships

Those with Venus in Leo could have a stronger desire to be noticed, admired and appreciated by others or their partner. That’s why they usually stand out in social gatherings. Deep inside, they can wish to be the center of attention in their relationships, feeling especially proud of themselves when they’re in the spotlight and love to feel special.

This is why they usually care a lot about their appearance. It could be ideal to also cultivate a potential for inner attraction, as admiration must come from the inside as well as outside. When Venus in Leo is under tension, it is possible some negative feelings could surface. This person tends to be a little more snobbish, egocentric and proud. They can also worry excessively about casual relationships and sex.

Individuals with this positioning have the potential to be more spontaneous, affectionate, joyful, loving and expansive. Their contagious joy and charisma are irresistible to those around them.

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