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Venus in House 12 of the BirthChart

Check out Astrolink and understand what Venus in the 12th house represents in your birth chart, how it influences your life and use it to your advantage.

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venus in 12th house

House 12 is a relatively complicated place and is related to the unconscious, seclusion, fears, and the backstage world. However, in this sector, Venus is in its accidental exaltation, indicating that the planet is doing well, even better than it would under normal conditions. However, it may signal greater difficulty in gratifying or satisfying with the things that happen in your life, although you may also be able or willing to mask such dissatisfactions.

You may also experience some inhibitions in feelings and misadventures in relationships. If Venus is in contact with Jupiter, there may be an exaggeration in the search for self-satisfaction, mainly through tools that take you out of reality, leading to escapism. Natives may tend to hide their emotional nature, may pretend to be what they are not, as well as hide some romantic relationships and feelings.

They tend to feel a certain love for solitude, with hints of melancholy. Beware of any secret relationships that often culminate in hurt and sadness, and that often are not exposed to those who caused them. Natives may also be more attracted to spiritual matters such as meditation and inner peace, seeing this as something beautiful and having a greater desire to serve others. In relationships, they tend to be more compassionate and make sacrifices if they feel they are necessary. Often, succeeding according to social standards is not important to them, who deep down may desire a broader understanding of the meaning of life and enjoy this pursuit.

They can always be harmonizing their mind with their Higher Self. The ideal is to avoid excess with alcoholic beverages or any other drugs, as this attitude can be very harmful, and they should always be careful with any kind of narcotic and balance their energies towards less toxic things.A sense of being alone and working in seclusion may eventually arise, although social stimuli always seem to conflict with such feelings. They may have valuable skills or hidden talents related to dealing with people and artistic and intuitive skills, but they take time to discover such aptitudes.

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