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Venus in Virgo in the BirthChart

People with Venus in Virgo tend to be demanding in relationships. Liking everything tidy and organized is valuable, so you are concerned about people´s manners, personal appearance and hygiene and do not enjoy rude behavior.

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Those with Venus in Virgo tend to be demanding in their relationships. They like everything tidy and organized, so they worry about manners, personal appearance, and hygiene and don't like rude behavior. Generally, they like material comfort, preferably beautiful and quality things.


People with this positioning tend to be understanding and attentive to those who need them. This can make them great doctors and nurses. They also tend to deal well with other people's psychological issues, as they can combine emotion and reason in their advice, facing issues methodically and analytically.


Perfection is Attainable


People with Venus in Virgo can be very critical of their partners. However, that doesn't mean it is necessary to demand perfection from everyone around them. Some people have a greater need to find the "perfect partner." Therefore, they could postpone more serious commitments, such as moving together or getting married. Even after the fact, they might still want to perfect things constantly. However, nobody is perfect, and accepting it as quickly as possible might be good!


Generally, natives with this position are very practical and self-sufficient. Nevertheless, they are delighted to have someone to love since they love interacting with others.


Analytical Behavior


Individuals with this Venus positioning generally like to analyze other people's feelings. This characteristic can make people feel embarrassed, inhibited and stunted. Making it harder for them to show affection spontaneously, as frequently analyzing and judging people's feelings and emotions can be extremely negative in relationships, as much as demanding perfection from people.


Both characteristics prevent them from enjoying the moment, and all that people and life can naturally offer. A good tip is: analyze less, live more!

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