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Venus in House 11 of the BirthChart

Check out Astrolink and understand what Venus in the 11th house represents in your birth chart, how it influences your life and use it to your advantage.

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venus in 11th house birth chart

House 11 is one of the most beneficial on the chart. It shows the gains and fruits of our labor, and having this beneficial planet positioned here can be a great indication that your career and social expression will bear good fruits, especially if Venus is in contact with Jupiter. Friendships, either new and old, are strengthened and inspire good moments of leisure.

Friends, supporters, customers... people who know natives with Venus in house 11 probably find them more endearing, whether for their looks, charm, or a sense of social justice. They tend to have many useful friends. They need to be careful, however, that their friends do not encourage excesses, as this can harm their health.

In relationships, they can sin by idealizing their partners too much. A point of attention is also to try to remain calm in out-of-control situations. They generally like to put people at ease as well as participate in cultural and group activities, this is because the collective mind is of great interest and participating in tribes is often essential. They are attracted to ideas and groups that emphasize freedom, independence, and justice and seek to balance conflicts harmoniously because development and progress can be a major focus of attention. They tend to trust people, but generally, people who look nice, good looking, or status, rather than being more objective in their choices.

This mundane house also shows aspirations and desires. Having Venus here is a good indication of success in mundane affairs and the fulfillment of your wishes and hopes throughout your life, especially those long-term plans that have been well executed and planned. However, if Venus is afflicted by Mars or Saturn, it indicates difficulty in fulfilling desires, as well as frustrations and disappointments due to high expectations or idealizations on your part.

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