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Part of Fortune in Aries in the BirthChart

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Such positioning suggests a greater need for independence, with these natives being more autonomous and responsible for their lives and actions. Moreover, they get extra courage, which will take them far, with heaps of assertiveness.

On the other hand, when their energy is not adequately managed or is under tension, it will have an adverse effect, leaving them insecure and more dependent on others. This will make them feel comfortable only when there’s someone around to guide their decisions. For fear of disappointing people, they will avoid giving their opinion, primarily when they differ from others.

This need for acceptance is usually triggered in childhood, when people in a formative stage may have been exhausted by a series of rules made to satisfy others. It can also happen if the child was neglected and did not receive the attention and needed support. They could also have been conditioned to please others, meaning they won’t have a voice or initiative when they become adults.

As such, they can feel they need to take a stance and defend their position, as passive behavior can bother them. Use your instincts, trust your intuition and assertively do what you want and what makes you happy. There’s potential for great joy if they are leaders or pioneers in their actions or when they get involved in adventures. Cultivate courage and patience, as you will likely have abundant energy that needs to be released. Joy can be found when you bravely face challenges and obstacles.

When this point in the chart is balanced, you can feel more pleasure when starting something new and bravely pursuing your goals. Competition tends to be an essential theme since some of your happiness can be attached to a potential need to win.

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