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Mars in Aries in the BirthChart

Mars in Aries is at home and brings immense energy, difficult to contain! It is what leads a person to express themselves, to be taken by impulses that will govern their action and self-expression.

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Mars in Aries is at home and brings immense energy that is difficult to contain! It leads the person to express themselves, to be taken by impulses that will govern their action and self-expression. Besides having a lot of energy, whoever has Mars in Aries also has courage, initiative and a great deal of impulsiveness in their efforts. They also like challenges.

This assertiveness helps create new projects, where the person gains a more significant leadership capacity and tends to take the initiative by stimulating others. They usually want to be number one in what they do. For that, they have greater determination and do not run away from the fight; they fight until the end for their goals.

However, despite all the positive characteristics of energy and determination, this positioning also involves a tendency toward becoming too scattered. Individuals with Mars in Aries may find it challenging to maintain their interest and enthusiasm long enough to complete their projects, tasks, or goals.

More stubborn and more competitive

Stubbornness and independence are also part of the characteristics of this positioning. As Aries already denotes inherent stubbornness, Mars in Aries can make that stubbornness even stronger. Thus, those with Mars in the sign of Aries do not usually tolerate opposition or interference from third parties. So much stubbornness can lead to success or failure. On the positive side, if a person learns to think before they act, they are more likely to succeed. But if their stubbornness is thoughtless and impulsive, it can bring harm and create obstacles in their path. The retaliation of an incoming attack is usually quick and reflexive.

Competitiveness is also significant for these people, so it is common for them to have an aptitude for sports, games or various tournaments. When Mars in Aries is under tension, it can cause selfish and aggressive behaviors to arise, causing the person to burst into tantrums suddenly, without warning, albeit just for a short duration.

An unconscious feeling of inferiority can increase this aggressiveness and, to reaffirm themselves before others, they can choose the path of strength. Their explosive tempers and anger, nevertheless, tend to settle down quickly. The big challenge is to develop more tolerance and patience.

Mars in Aries in intimate relations - boldness

This is the Mars that probably started extreme sports. With their more daring, adventurous energy and love of taking risks, they usually love moments of intimacy and add a touch of competition to them. Their direct and blunt nature can be tempered for softer moments. Still, they generally enjoy those moments of furor, with clothes flying all over the place and nails scratching their partner.

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