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Uranus in Aries in the BirthChart

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Last periods with Uranus in Aries: 1928 to 1935 | 2011 to 2019
Periods that inspire a stronger sense of initiative and spontaneity, where natives feel more comfortable tearing down old structures to give way to new things.

When Uranus, planet of freedom, originality and revolution, is positioned in Aries, it rules over belligerence, inventiveness, sudden changes, thrilling novelty, rebirths and even rumors of war. On a collective level, this influence tends to affect people's sense of individuality, their relevance, their actions, their "self" and selfies), as well as more instances of attack, idolizing, and personality cult.

When Uranus transited through Aries in the early 20th century, by the end of the 1920s, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Getúlio Vargas and other powerful leaders were ruling, with their ideologies highly evident and disseminated. Those were adventurous, but disquieting times, with notable turbulence and remarkable radicalism and belligerence.

Birth Chart Interactions

In terms of effects in someone’s birth chart and personality, themes like independence, proactivity and aggressiveness come into focus. Confidence and leadership will be reinforced in natives with Uranus in Aries, but so will carelessness or volatility. Their revolutionary vibes and their sense of freedom and discovery become more proactive, while a remarkable propelling force towards different collective causes aligned with their point of view.

People with this positioning tend to be more creative and are able to help open new paths for society, with greater capacity to present innovative, radical ideas. The challenge, as well as the appeal, come from novelty, adventure and being the first person to create something.

Aries’ energy, immersed in Fire, assertiveness and dynamism, works well in cooperation with Uranus, unless there are tense aspects occurring in this chart positioning. This could imply activating some erratic personality tendencies, therefore patience needs to be cultivated, as individuals could want to dive head first in new ideas or situations without considering the consequences, making impulsiveness one of their trademarks.

Uranus, as well as Aries, represent principles of action, freedom and movement, in a way that makes those who share this positioning tend not to easily tolerate any kind of limitation. They will often feel a little claustrophobic and limited if surrounded by authority figures or people who keep telling them what to do or not to be, or what is and isn’t possible.

Many individuals with this positioning have a great potential to take initiative and start things, but can also lack perseverance, especially if their personal planets are in conjunctions with Uranus.

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