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Neptune in Aries in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Aries from 1862 to 1875 and brought to light humanity´s impulsiveness translated into wars (such as the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War), the creativity to invent and the determination to discover.

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From 1862 to 1875...

The last time Neptune passed through Aries it brought to light humanity’s impulsiveness, as translated into its tendency to wars (such as the American Civil and the Franco-Prussian wars), as well as the creativity to invent (typewriter, machine gun, dynamite) and the determination to discover (genetics).

Neptune in Aries put the energy and impulsiveness of the sign at the service of spirituality. During this period people were more sensitive and had very clear-cut ideals and goals, even with the veil of Neptune.

Thus, many people became pioneers in philosophical concepts, followers of extremist religions and sought to convert others into a veritable crusade. They had a mission and aimed to carry it out it!

Aryan determination gained even more strength and people felt satisfaction in having a defined mission and pursuing it. However, there was also the need to be the best, to stand out from the rest. Neptune thus brought a certain confusion to the normally dead-sure Aries. While it could hurl people into a spiritual quest, they might also become prouder and more selfish.

There was also a sense of urgency to everything. People needed to be always on the move, doing something. Thus, they became anxious and impatient, as not everything could move at the same speed.

Selfishness existed, of course, but Neptune redirected this characteristic, awakening in people an incessant need to achieve their goals and get answers to their inner turmoil.

In this sense, relationships could be more difficult, as people easily got tired of their routines. There was a lot of demand and inconstancy, making relationships unpredictable.

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