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Saturn in Aries in the BirthChart

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Saturn in Aries brings practically contrary energy charges. Saturn represents how we behave regarding discipline, time management, prudence and patience. Aries, on the other hand, represents impulsiveness, action, impatience, independence and assertiveness. The challenge here is to mix and balance these energies since Saturn, as the ruler of our boundaries and responsibilities, carries a shield it doesn't like to - thinking before acting! This influence can be especially beneficial for business endeavors, as it brings entrepreneurial initiatives and leadership attitudes, for example. However, other aspects can be more complicated. Saturn in Aries natives need to work hard to direct their energy towards more self-discipline, focus and patience. They need to make an extra effort to balance Aries' more impulsive side and Saturn's limitations to maximize focus and action.


In Aries, Saturn is falling


In this positioning, Saturn is falling, which means Aries' energy will be hard to reconcile here. Feelings of frustration can be frequent, sometimes, as Saturn's position beckons a brasher attitude where discipline is concerned, hurting their natural concepts of time, patience and caution. People with this positioning strongly desire to get everything done "yesterday." When things don't happen as such, they can be very distressed and upset, which cancels out Saturn's traits, such as maturity and self-control.


The lesson for these individuals is to learn how to deal with waiting. It is crucial to apply Saturn's patience to accept how long things take to happen in their lives, as well as to avoid skipping steps and wanting to do things in a rush, with little care or thought.


All in good time...


The first to arrive is only sometimes the winner. Time builds much more solid foundations for everything. Aries' competitive and impatient character mustn't cancel out Saturn's modus operandi; therefore, the most important thing to understand is that things happen when the time is right. There's time to begin, to start over, to do and undo, to move forward or to move on. It's essential to understand this concept of time to attenuate any restlessness since people can feel more agitated, not wanting to settle, always ready for action, more anxious, behaving impulsively and not waiting for the right moment to act.


Those with this positioning in their charts can also suffer from the opposite effect: inertia. Often, these individuals think they'll be able to finish something quickly. However, they don't prepare for action and end up not achieving what they've set out to do. This frustration can make them give up and conform. The impulse to act is dampened. They feel incapable and slip into inertia. If Saturn is retrograde or in tense aspects with other planets, this could happen more often. The focus needs to be on patience and on setting goals. In this context, experience and maturity are necessary to bring relief when obstacles appear. Effort and emotional balance will help them manage their timing issues better.


Making the most of time


Making the most of time, which could mean waiting for the right time or taking action, is a concept understood by most. However, those with this positioning in their charts can feel it more incisively. Some natives are better at managing it, while others completely lose control. They might need to learn better time management and give themselves more flexible deadlines. With more comfortable deadlines, it is easier to deliver what was promised to themselves and others.


This attitude can also lead to an oppressive tendency toward others around them or themselves. It's important to reflect on this attitude since we will all get there eventually. Nevertheless, each person has their own time and will arrive at a different moment. Perhaps the best motto for Saturn in Aries is: "Don't run too fast, but don't wait too long." All in good time.

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