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Midheaven in Aries in the BirthChart

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Here, there is the incentive of the first sign of the zodiac to make those with this positioning more open to a pioneer path throughout life. At its best, Aries is impulsive and determined, operating in balance with the calm social instincts and the uncertainties of Libra, which is found at the bottom of the sky. The path of evolving to be followed must be explored with courage and firmness, always bearing in mind this impulsive factor so that it does not lead the individual to make social and professional decisions in a hurry without correctly calculating the consequences.


When one's career is at stake or someone sets a goal, they usually pursue it diligently. As ruler of Aries, Mars impels those with this placement to fight for something and defend their concepts, image and career. These people can raise this flag on behalf of others, for themselves or a cause. With more extreme influence, they may even want to pursue a military career, or perhaps one in government or join some police force, for example.


They can be formidable defenders, wage a fearless battle in a courtroom and defend their co-workers' interests. Hearing the phrase: "I don't think you can do it! "can hurt and bother people.


On the negative side, Arian energy can make it challenging to play it soft all the time to reach a goal and suggests a more natural tendency for leadership, where life can even occasionally thrust them into situations where they will assume such a role, chiefly if other stars lend their aspect to such positioning. Even the most peaceful person, at some point, will begin to feel like taking the bull by the horns, being in charge, and acting assertively, showing others the way forward.


A matter of war and peace


This positioning can also cause people under this influence in their charts to act inconveniently and recklessly without realizing it in their public life. When someone complains about their attitudes, for example, it is usually a tremendous shock, as Libra, at the base of their chart, can suggest a well-founded desire to get along with everyone. In contrast, those with this positioning believe that they treat everyone politely, so they generally do not quite understand when their conduct is criticized. Their inner self is tuned to the soft melodies of the Venus siren's song, not to the military side of Mars.


However, the unharmonious behaviors of Aries can be fueled by Libra's uncertainty and indecisiveness. This can cause them to make some hasty decisions or be aggressive about some issues. An important lesson is to understand the difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness and understand that their notion of justice may not be the same as that of other people. When Libra's uncertainties are in balance, the person can become a significant force and suppress authoritarianism or self-centeredness.

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