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It’s interesting how the concept of generation we have used all through the 20th century has some parallels with Pluto’s positionings. People born in generations where Pluto has already reached a different sign could have very distinct challenges, inner possibilities, concepts of power and ways to deal with changes and transitions in society, when compared to others.

Latest periods of Pluto in Aries: 1821 to 1852
Suggests competition, willpower, and a drive to lead. 

Pluto in Aries intensified the principles of willpower manifested through a pioneering spirit, initiative, courage, and forcing one’s way into things, brusquer and more impulsive, by pushing – to the “all or nothing” extreme – the impetus to impose the leadership of a generation. Aries evokes the individual values of freedom, to transform and destroy obstacles, without really recognizing one’s limits.

In 1848, Europe witnessed revolutionary uprisings, such as the Communist Manifesto. A watershed on ideologies, at times social, at times liberal. In these years there was also a greater propagation of spiritualism and psychology as areas of scientific knowledge. The use of psychography (aka automatic writing) became public in the USA, and Allan Kardec made the first contacts with the spirits. Also in 1848, Wilhelm Wundt created Scientific Psychology. Already a relevant, symbolic and revealing fact of the less luminous side of Aries in a context of world transformation, is the emergence of the modern handgun, the revolver, in 1836. This symbolically reveals an extreme aspect of Pluto in Aries when it comes to obstinacy and compulsion to impose one's own will, while serving one's own ends. Even if it means taking someone's life.

Pluto governs the collective subconscious and the overflow of questions in the society of our time. This takes place in view of the need to eliminate, transform and transmute the ideas, rules and impositions of previous periods. But, not everyone is a channel of expression of the powerful and disturbing energies of this planet. Some iconic personalities will live through the extreme challenges of the desires of their time first-hand. The extreme and cathartic events in the lives of these personalities will provoke deep reflections as they influence the next generations, often in a transcendent and illuminating way. Historical works and extraordinary deeds may arise from this.

Some interesting personalities born during Pluto in Aries:

Helena Blavatsky
Rene Descartes
Thomas Edison
Jules Verne
Claude Monet
Lewis Carroll
Princess Isabel
Machado de Assis
Friedrich Nietzsche

In the field of ideas, the incisive spirit of Pluto in Aries is revealed as an example in the historical work of one of the most radical personalities in literature and philosophy – Friedrich Nietzsche. As an extraordinary proponent of the transformative energies of his generation, the Prussian philosopher, critic, poet and composer revealed a part of the dissatisfied and revolutionary spirit of that time through his masterpieces. He was critical of the religion, morals, and culture of his time. His works have as main themes the Will to Power, the Death of God, and the Eternal Return. He is an example of the most radical in contributing to the destruction of paradigms of his century.

Birth Chart Interactions

People born during Pluto in Aries have to deal at some point with the impulse and compulsive obstinacy to assert self-affirmation, in a rebellious and impulsive way. The Pluto-in-Aries generation has revealed deeply inspired and skilled leaders in competitive situations. Characteristics of this generation are excess power, strong willpower, and a relentless willingness to break down obstacles. Pluto will awaken challenges in transcending individualism and selfishness. These energies can be channeled into a pioneering spirit of leadership.

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