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Mercury in House 11 of the BirthChart

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mercury in house 11th

The House 11 is one of the luckiest houses in the zodiac and brings with it what we want to achieve in our lives. With this, Mercury provides more impetus for there to be movement towards these people's expectations and dreams. It is worth remembering that illusions and idealisms can also be possibilities. These people should always try to keep their bases firm so that their desires work out exactly as planned.

This is the sector of the fruits that come from our work and, like the House 2, having Mercury here can intensify the financial flow in life. However, these people must pay attention to the aspects that Mercury has with other planets to confirm this statement.

This positioning can intensify relationships with friends, making them more present in the lives of these people. Relationships can be more beneficial, as this is a sector that deals with future aspirations, especially if the planet has positive aspects in relation to Venus or Jupiter. If the planet has a negative aspect and is in contact with a malign inclination, these people may be subject to communication problems in groups or with friends, falsehood or lies, as well as unnecessary fights. Thus, they need to avoid the quick judgment of the issues that will be raised and always try to be down to earth in resolving conflicts.

These people tend to communicate and reason about issues related to groups and movements and to have healthy desires for the future, as well as greater concern for such collective aspects as freedom, independence and humanitarian issues in general. They can be quite talkative among friends and when they talk of hopes and desires; as regards how they would like things to be in the future, they can speak with even greater enthusiasm.

It is likely that they are people with a more humanitarian bent, among those who believe in justice, freedom and independence. There is also a certain tendency for their ideas to be somewhat unconventional, and they may not even care much about what others think about them. They are interested in listening to other people who come up with new ideas and information.

There is also a tendency to feel the essence of the hopes and aspirations that groups or movements have in common, a talent that can be useful in gathering information and in understanding people's desires. They tend to have a more mature global view of the world and to develop greater social awareness.

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