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Uranus in House 11 of the BirthChart

See the characteristics of those who have Uranus in House 11 of the Birth Chart.

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Possible harmonic aspects of Uranus in House 11:

  • You value understanding between people through dialogue and negotiations;
  • The mind is freer, the opinions more diversified and that is why it is possible to dialogue with the different;
  • More spiritual and holistic intelligence;
  • Tendency to have greater social participation from the moment in which citizenship awareness develops;
  • Friendships are diverse, you connect to people from all groups;
  • Relationships with those who share your ideals can last a lifetime;
  • Tendency to captivate people thanks to charm and intelligence.

Possible negative aspects of Uranus in House 11:

  • There may be a greater reluctance to follow routines, follow regulations, authority and discipline;
  • Tendency to dispersion;
  • Unpredictability and instability in daily life and routine;
  • Changes in jobs can occur at a glance;

Possible challenges of Uranus in House 11:

  • It is important to learn to be free and to use that freedom positively;
  • Learn to create your concept of science from all relevant knowledge.
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