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Neptune in House 11 of the BirthChart

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This house represents the friends and groups these people belong to and having Neptune in this positioning can cause them to live in a state of confusion until such time as they reach a heightened sense of surrender. People can even live outside certain patterns for a while before that happens.

They tend to give themselves body and soul to friendships and fully live their relationships with friends. They can take on the problems and challenges that friends face. However, those born under this positioning in their charts can suffer occasional disappointments with the same groups or friendships, as excessive surrender to others can later make these people feel that they have been used, betrayed, exploited, or cheated by friends. Thus, by creating too many expectations regarding friendships, they end up being disappointed after having closer contact with the groups and tribes to which they belong. Therefore, they should be careful not to attract fake friends or bad friendships.

They are more open to hearing suggestions and opinions, though they need to know how to filter, not only friendships, but also what is of the utmost importance in their lives. One point that should be worked out better is for them to learn the difference between “giving oneself to the other” and “experiencing the other”, that is, assuming, in a certain way, the other's life. Developing spirituality and greater mental refinement is important in this case. Donating is an act of love and here they can gain greater influence in helping others through groups that work with humanitarian aid or together in a community.

Dreams and projects take on a larger dimension, where those so born tend to nurture their dreams and projects with a lot of sensitivity and idealism. And they should not just remain in their dream, in their imagination; what is of the utmost importance is for them to act. Setting goals and objectives should be something to be developed and improved throughout life.

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