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Pluto in House 11 of the BirthChart

See the characteristics of those who have Pluto in House 11 of the Birth Chart.

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Possible harmonic aspects of Pluto in House 11:

  • More powerful spiritual sensitivity;
  • Intuition and inspiration to have ideas, invent, create or innovate;
  • Attention and sensitivity to understand the challenges and problems that friends go through;
  • Subjects linked to the subconscious and the occult catch your attention;
  • High sensitivity. You can channel it into spiritual arts or practices;
  • Your sensitivity can help you in times of unforeseen events, changes, and situations of danger or tension.

Possible disharmonious aspects of Pluto in House 11:

  • You can become a more antisocial person or dependent on a group;
  • You may identify too much with a group or tribe;
  • Being a suspicious person. A tendency to see the negative aspects of any associative involvement first;
  • Loss of friendships and separation from groups can occur more easily;
  • Likely to have bad company;
  • You create friendships with people of power;
  • Despite a certain arrogance, you have the power to attract people who will make a difference in your life;

Possible challenges of Pluto in House 11:

  • Friendships will help transform you often;
  • You must lose the fear of being alone;
  • You must constantly reassess what you want for your life, what you want for the future;
  • Groups or friends can help you transform your personality;
  • You must be part of groups working on research, healing, higher or occult issues.
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