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Part of Fortune in House 11 of the BirthChart

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Having a share of the fortune in this sector of the chart is an indication that cultivating friendships, having hope, and being in the midst of good projects are important things to have a greater sense of contentment and happiness in life. Fulfillment and satisfaction come through your feeling of association with humanity, of feeling yourself sharing and recognizing the advantages of having freedom. It is important to always be aware of your evolution and live part of the future as if it were now.

It can also cause the natives’ wishes to eventually be fulfilled in some way, or for them to earn money from lucky streaks. This may not happen all the time in life, even a few times, but the possibility is there, promised, especially if there are conjunctions of beneficial planets.

It can also help in choosing good friends, where through friendships you can reap good results and achievements. True friends can always be by your side throughout your life, whether facing problems, lending resources when needed or simply sharing good times.

Joy can also be found when fulfilling your desires and being in the midst of collectivities that are in tune with your purposes. In fact, collectivity can play an interesting role in a person’s life, which can be associated with groups and other individuals who share similar ideals. Through this alignment of ideas, you gain the chance to express your humanitarian side and do something concrete for others. Providing social services or acting in a philanthropic way can also bring a good sense of accomplishment.

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