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The First Quarter Moon - Commitment, Clarity, Dedication

When the Sun and Moon are at 90 degrees

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The First Quarter Moon is the third phase of the Moon and one of the four main phases. It is where the Sun illuminates only half of the Moon and begins during the crescent square of the Moon with the Sun, where the initial angle is 90 degrees. This is where the Moon moves further and further away from the Sun, increasing the luminosity on its dark side.
It is a phase that is likely to bring both obstacles and opportunities to develop our projects, personal or professional. It also brings energy to improve our concentration and face our challenges head on. It is also a more passionate period, ideal for romance. Give strength to everything you want to see grow in your life during this period, as the energy of this phase makes your efforts more likely to yield good results. The ideal is to dedicate yourself and show commitment to goals and objectives, as this is a favorable stage for developing plans.

The days of the First Quarter Moon serve to understand and mature your desires.

  • The Crescent Moon Inspires: mutual understanding, moments of prosperity and joy, continuation of new projects.
  • Keywords: innovation, creativity, clarity, maturity, determination, commitment, dedication.
  • Phase: Active
  • Angle between Sun and Moon: 90 to 135 degrees

First Quarter Moon - The Third Lunar Phase

The word that best defines this phase of the moon is determination. We must fight with resilience to make ideas and plans come true. Your projects are more likely to take shape and the obstacles that arise along the way must be faced, as well as opportunities must be seized.

It's a good time to change what you need to and let go of what isn't working. Stay focused and know that even if something doesn't work out, you shouldn't give up. Change your approach and try again! Only abandon a goal when you realize you're wasting energy for nothing. But, try not to get caught up in impossible challenges. Instead, follow your heart but keep your feet on the ground.



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