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Part of Fortune in Taurus in the BirthChart

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This energy will reinforce aspects associated with persistence and determination. In this case, there will be a greater need to seek their path, especially those related to financial and emotional stability. With more grounded objectives, the feeling could be one of having no obstacles they can’t overcome to get where they want to.

However, suppose during their childhood, their determination was hindered somehow. In that case, these qualities may not achieve their full potential and could become a question to be worked on, as their sense of value will be affected. Another aspect to be analyzed in case of tension is not knowing how to deal with frustration, making it necessary to feel better than others at all times, maybe to overcompensate insecurities, making these natives need more approval.

They need to be careful not to give more than they have, not out of generosity, but because they feel compelled to please others to overcompensate self-esteem issues. They must always know their worth, overcome fears and undo any knots of insecurity that may have been formed during their early lives.

Having a more concrete and practical connection to things and nurturing a feeling of what is solid and authentic in your relationship with the world can bring contentment. There are chances that these natives will be happy interacting with things they value: when in contact with nature, earning money, and managing their resources.

Cultivate peace, value the practicality of things and cherish solid foundations. Your joy is rooted in your capacity to build and provide. There are advantages to being a tranquil and patient person, no matter what is going on in the world. Safety and stability brought on by prosperity have a greater chance of satisfying your needs for well-being.

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