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Mars in Taurus in the BirthChart

Those with Mars in Taurus tend to put more energy into finding and obtaining resources, following and acting very concretely and cautiously.

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Mars in TaurusWhoever has Mars in Taurus tends to put more energy into searching for and obtaining financial and material resources, as they tend to follow a course and act in a very concretely and cautiously. Many of these people channel a good part of their efforts towards the objectives they want to reach, aiming for more concrete results, even if this is done slowly. However, the road to getting what they want can be arduous. Material obstacles, sluggishness and limitations can hamper the energy and action of Mars.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, so the course of action is always slower and heavier, albeit solid. However, when the action has already been planned and is in progress, the person will use Mars in Taurus’ perseverance, strength and determination to achieve the desired goal. If Mars is under tension, there may be an excessive concern about sex and sexuality. People can even become jealous and possessive in their relationships.

Do not disturb!

Individuals with Mars in Taurus generally do not have an aggressive attitude, but if they need to fight, they will know how to do what is necessary in the best (and strongest) way possible. This is actually a contradiction between Mars and Taurus. While Mars wants to go to war, Taurus is more focused and rarely gets angry. However, when Taurus people do get angry, they come out from below and the previously stored-up energy bursts out all at once. Their anger can join Mars in an explosion of epic proportions!

Mars in Taurus can influence people with patience and precision, two characteristics that can appear in artisans, for example.

Mars in Taurus when things get intimate - sensations

With a more direct and tactile approach, this Mars positioning tends toward a certain predictability in one’s life between 4 walls. Music, massage oils and flavors help to provide family security without falling into sameness. Some people with Mars in Taurus may even prefer a good massage and many sensual touches instead of sexual intercourse per se, relegating the latter to after-tactile foreplay. This sign/planet combination generally tolerates having sexual adventures somewhere in nature. However, the tendency is to prefer a private and isolated place where they will not be seen.


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