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Uranus in Taurus in the BirthChart

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Last periods with Uranus in Taurus: 1935 to 1942 | 2018 to 2025

Generations with a stronger desire to pursue new ways of acting practically, realistically and productively, where the material world and resources come into focus. They tend to innovate and have different ideas about using material resources on the planet, which can be related to money, economics, consumerism, technology, agriculture, our relationship to nature and productivity in general.


Uranus' influence over Taurus can help individuals better understand and interact in areas such as economics, natural resources, and the material world itself, as well as create or idealize new and revolutionary plans to use and manage those concepts. With the planet of freedom, revolution and innovation making its presence felt in Taurus, the focus becomes the tangible, sensory world and its values, concepts of beauty, and security. A very traditional worldview, especially regarding what is or isn't valuable and secure on a collective level, can present challenges.


These are times that inspire visible changes in the world. For example, the Second World War, the last major war humanity experienced, happened exactly with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus' influence helped generate a whole geopolitical reorganization of personal values and resources. During this period, innovation takes a little longer to happen. However, this is still a powerful combination, where inspiring manifestations from above are channeled into the earthly realm, effecting solid, stable changes.


Birth Chart Interactions


In their birth chart, people with Uranus in Taurus tend to be motivated and inspired by more practical, tangible objectives. For those born during this period, this position in Uranus can inspire a latent interest in financial management, sensory experiences, or the resources required for survival in our world.


It is worth mentioning that Uranus' power to act is a little limited when in Taurus since they are antagonistic principles: One thrives in speed and surprise (Uranus), whilst the other courts slowness and stability (Taurus). Both energies of Taurus and Uranus (Aquarius' co-ruler) interact with a fixed, stubborn quality, inspiring its natives to state they don't change their opinions easily and proudly. Taurus' fixed influence brings a desire to be conventional, which collides with the natural impulse for liberation and novelty coming from Uranus. When balanced, this combination can forge original and practical individuals when innovating.

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