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Mercury in Taurus in the BirthChart

Whoever has Mercury in Taurus tends to appreciate its practicality. Both your reasoning and your decisions are determined by everything that has a practical, material and tangible application.

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Mercury in TaurusWhoever has Mercury in Taurus usually values practicality. Everything with a practical, material and tangible application determines their reasoning and decisions. Even if they do not have a lot of brilliance or originality, their extreme common sense for practicality entails convenience and makes life easier.


Their innate ability to consider only things of practical interest gives them great power of concentration, so much so that they can ignore external disturbances as if they did not exist. They just "do not notice" things they do not want to be bothered about. However, this attitude can close their eyes to essential matters, which they should perceive for their own good. This has a lot to do with the innate stubbornness of the bull.


This position of Mercury may enhance specific skills in the arts. Still, suppose this planet has a strong aspect with another. In that case, there may be talent for mathematics and physical science due to Taurus-Venus's perception of the shape and structure of things, which is transformed into mental understanding through Mercury.


Because of this, they have keen minds for business and naturally tend to be good in managerial positions.


The art of being headstrong


Whoever has this position is generally slower to form opinions. Still, as soon as they do, they are reluctant to modify them. They do not like arguments and disharmony, usually fighting to protect their security and personal interests.


These "personal interests" can be financial or revolve around whatever is convenient. People with such a Taurus aspect hate to step out of their comfort zone! If Mercury is under tension in Taurus, there may be intellectual obstinacy, dogmatic opinions, materialism and avarice.


Stubbornness can hit these people hard, causing them to develop an excessive attachment to their ideas, convictions and undertakings. They can become very sure about everything they think: they possess the truth!


However, this positioning can also provide them with the persistence and sobriety to achieve their goals.

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