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From 1875 to 1888...

Neptune’s last passage through Taurus made it clear that materialism invaded people’s unconscious, causing the first waves of mass consumption. 1876 was considered the year that modern cars first appeared. The first motorcycle was also created in 1886. All this was according to the collective desire for more refined consumer goods, like good music, good food, good clothes.

Dreams invaded relationships too. While it was harder for the energy of Taurus to deal with overwhelming passions, when the spark appeared, it was difficult to rein in the imagination. However, taurine possessiveness was sometimes not restricted to material goods and could appear in relationships, along with jealousy.

Even so, practical aspects reigned, and the time came to replace dreams with reality, contradicting Neptune’s illusory and traveling influence. Coupled with Neptune’s creative power, it was no wonder that capitalist businesses like Rockefeller’s grew in this period, along with consumerism, permeating people’s dreams of very tangible things.

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