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Neptune in Scorpio in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Scorpio from 1956 to 1970. A period of sex, drugs, Rock n Roll and mysticism. Neptune in Scorpio is exalted and has the power to further amplify the intensity of this sign.

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Neptune en ScorpionFrom 1956 to 1970... Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll and Mysticism.


Neptune was exalted in Scorpio and had the power to amplify the intensity of this sign further. In the planet’s last passage through the sign (1956–1970), society experienced a breakdown in traditional values and a greater desire to escape reality.


Some behaviors stood out, such as sexual liberation, the free love of hippies, experimenting with drugs as an escape valve, and the emergence of various religious cults - courtesy of the mystical, probing, and secretive side of Scorpio, who has a penchant for the occult. The solidarity of other times was beginning to weaken, and a tug-of-war between selfishness and altruism was waged.


When traveling through Scorpio, Neptune inspired a collective feeling that everything must be lived intensely to the ultimate consequences. People tended to look for an alternative reality. In love, sex plays a key role, as does freedom. Relationships can also serve as an escape valve, but deep down inside, people are looking for the same thing: to be loved. All this also shaped part of the essence of people born during this transit.


The arts also gained greater relevance in this period when Neptune was in Scorpio, mainly cinema, music and fine arts. In addition to providing this break from reality, they served as a channel to vent frustrations, so people born during this time have a more personal connection with music and the like.

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