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Part of Fortune in Scorpio in the BirthChart

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Here, the needs of others can matter as much as your own, generating a collaborative feeling, which decreases the potential for selfish attitudes. However, suppose, as a child, you were encouraged to ignore the needs of others. In that case, you must be careful not to become more selfish or highly competitive.


If you’ve had an upbringing full of rules and rigidity, or if you were conditioned to be very guarded, keeping your feelings and pain to yourself, this silent life can cement problems and hide traumas that will resurface at some point. If those patterns exist, a way to detach from them is to realize you have nothing to prove to anyone and don’t need to compete or feel inferior. From then on, individuals will feel safer and understand they don’t need to let others take the lead in their lives.


You could feel pleasure or contentment every time you go through a transformative process, gaining a good understanding of the impact that renewing yourself has. A search for reforming yourself and the places you interact in (such as your home and workplace) could bring exciting opportunities to all your entrepreneurial initiatives. Cultivate efficiency, ambition, and obstinateness. You can find joy in deeply understanding situations.


Some of your advantages are a sharper and more profound perception of everything and a more remarkable courage to face the unknown. There could be an inherent desire to discover life and its mysteries, getting involved with others more spiritually and intimately, as if there was an intense energy wanting to interact with something or someone in a way that makes sense. You could have this need to become one with another person, in this case, in a sexual way. Because of that, a good point of convergence could become an essential part of your relationships.

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