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Saturn in Scorpio in the BirthChart

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Saturn in Scorpio can cause impatience and make people demand too much from themselves and others. Since they always want to improve everything around them, there can be a perfectionist tendency in their work. They won’t tolerate laziness or indolence. They are persistent and usually want everyone else to be, too! This is why they sometimes waste too much energy to do the simplest things. If this inclination reaches an extreme, they can become very rigid bosses.


This positioning also brings more responsibility to deal with finances, becoming good at managing taxes, insurance and inheritances. They are also good at managing company resources, joint finances and issues related to other people’s assets.


When Saturn is under tension in Scorpio, money, inheritances, inventories or financial taxes can eventually cause legal disputes. Litigation can lead to losses. Saturn in Scorpio is usually associated with more negative, dense energies, so these people may need to fight to overcome or understand how these energies work inside them. However, Saturn pushes Scorpio’s energy towards success. Natives with this chart position will seek authority, always striving to accomplish their ambitions and desires.


Channeled Intensity


Suppose Saturn isn’t in a tense aspect. In that case, this positioning will make people determined and energetic, with enough willpower to fulfill their goals. They are subtle and calculating when going after their objectives, working hard and with self-control. They tend to be discreet and keep their lives and plans a secret. They keep their psychological, emotional or psychic motivations deeply hidden. However, they like knowing everything about others, especially their partners. This urge to uncover secrets can make them inclined to dabble in the occult.


When hurt, they can be relentless. They hate being mistreated. Vengeful feelings could also emerge since forgetting offenses or injustices they may have suffered becomes harder. Those born with this position usually fear someone could be taking advantage of them. Intelligent and astute, they like to come out on top in every kind of negotiation. They tend to fear rejection or not fitting in a certain standard. This fear can lead them to overcompensate in other areas but can also fuel many personal achievements.


Passionate and intense, they tend to go into denial when their relationships or other areas in their lives are in trouble. Trying to solve problems can help them deal with their emotional nature. Therefore, it is important to seek balance and self-control. Since their feelings are incredibly intense, this search needs to be constant. This is the only way they will overcome the more challenging characteristics that Saturn in Scorpio might bring.

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