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Mars in Scorpio in the BirthChart

Mars in Scorpio can bring a lot of emotional intensity to personal actions. Those who have this placement on their birth chart can be more fearless, to the point of not being afraid of almost anything.

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Mars in ScorpioMars in Scorpio can bring a lot of emotional intensity to personal actions. Those who have this positioning in their chart can be more fearless, to the point of not being afraid of almost anything. In difficult situations, such people seek this extreme courage to face occasional challenges. In defense of their principles (and of people they consider dear), they can fight with drive and determination.

They also tend to be more obstinate in the pursuit of their goals and desires, indeed making this passionate dedication. They tend to be more concentrated and disciplined in their actions, and it is quite difficult for others to influence them when they make a decision. When they really want something, they are usually quite one-sided and almost obsessed.

Another characteristic of this positioning is that it makes these people careful and meticulous when they are going to carry out something they want. Depending on their type of motivation and level of wisdom, people with Mars in the sign of Scorpio may reach the peak of spiritual realization or may become attached to habits that are far too mundane or morally questionable. They may find it easier to act in the interest of discovering some secret, bring out what is hidden, that is challenging to discover or that needs investigative action.

It is a positioning that provokes a powerful and intense desire, as Scorpio's sensuality tends to be heightened under the influence of Mars. However, if not properly channeled, this strong impulse can result in possessiveness or jealousy. People with this influence can go so far as to take an all-or-nothing attitude, as it becomes more difficult for them to remain neutral or indifferent in their decisions.

Under stress from some aspect, Mars in Scorpio can bring on feelings like anger and resentment. When hurt, the person usually does not forget easily. A grudge can fuel anger, and this negative feeling can have unharmonious consequences. In addition to being a dense energy (Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign), it can make these people become eternal enemies of those who hurt them.

However, the tendency is to keep friends and enemies in the group with which they maintain constant contact. A saying that can fit perfectly is "keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even closer". If the tension is too great, the person may want to dominate others emotionally, forcing them into submission or servitude. This tendency to want to control and manipulate is courtesy of Scorpio and is further augmented by the energetic and impulsive characteristics of Mars under tension in this sign.

They are generally more reserved in their actions and only reveal their plans and actions if there is a good reason to do so, a characteristic also prevailing in people whose Mercury is in Scorpio. Their great willpower, coupled with Scorpio's self-control and focus, can make relationships long lasting and the completion of goals more in-depth and ongoing.


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