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Jupiter in Scorpio in the BirthChart

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Jupiter in ScorpioThose born under Jupiter's influence in Scorpio tend to have a greater appreciation for everything hidden and secret. They like to investigate and immerse themselves in other people's minds and more ethereal subjects, such as death, the occult, and religion. This investigative capacity, combined with curiosity and the power of observation, makes them potentially involved in issues related to taxes, insurance, inheritances, and joint or corporate finances.


They can discover secret information about the private affairs of others in a highly natural way. However, they are usually reserved about their matters. Under some stress, individuals with this position on the chart may suffer from legal problems. Paying taxes, insurance, alimony, corporate expenses, and even inheritances can give them a hard time. It is also necessary to pay attention to financial partnerships.


Magnetism and obstinacy

Personal magnetism is increased. People gain the potential to become more resourceful and have substantial and resolute opinions on their beliefs. Because of this, they can be more uncompromising in their attitudes and principles, generating hostility if they do not reflect better on the type of behavior.

There is more potential for holding leadership positions, but the position is only sometimes earned on their own merits. They may rise professionally more easily through due favors or even with the help of their ability to manipulate and intuitively control others, using Scorpio's ambition, efficiency, and courage to achieve success. That way, they do not have to resort to ingenious strategies, being talented by nature.

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