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Pluto was in Scorpio between 1738 and 1749 and 1984 and 1995, carrying out deep transformations of the collective unconscious and alterations in power relations. Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio and has an irregular orbit.

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It’s interesting how the concept of generation we have used all through the 20th century has some parallels with Pluto’s positionings. People born in generations where Pluto has already reached a different sign could have very distinct challenges, inner possibilities, concepts of power and ways to deal with changes and transitions in society, when compared to others.

Latest periods of Pluto in Scorpio: 1738 to 1749 | 1984 to 1995
Inspires profound transformations in the collective unconsciousness and drastic changes in relations of power.

If you were born during this period or is closely related to others who share this positioning, you could easily recognize and digest the information below.

Pluto is Scorpio’s co-rules and has an irregular orbit, representing regeneration, spiritual inclination and aspects of power. It is considered Mars’ third center of power. During the periods it transits through Scorpio, it tends to generate profound and decisive transformations in different levels. Over the last period, still in the 1980s, it generated some global turbulence, where the fall of the Berlin wall can be considered an important example. The global financial system needed to be reorganized as well during a huge crisis affecting the global GDP. These are times when power is shook and those who hold on to it face changes beyond their control. It is equally a time where things which used to be hidden come to light.

People with Pluto in Scorpio have the potential to be true researchers of the human mind and the depths of our inner would, being able to ask questions such as “what is my purpose here?” from a very young age. Besides, people from previous generations may think they are a more problematic or hard to deal with generation.

Emotionally intense, they are intrigued by the mystery of things and will transform the world, envisaging a release from superficiality. Many grow up consuming Harry Potter books and movies, and they tend to have an interest in the occult. A generation deeply connected with conspiracy theories, under the rule of Pluto (Hades), God of the Underworld and all that’s hidden.

This generation has a relatively heavier astrological charge, as when Pluto last transited through Scorpio, many of its natives also shared Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. In 1993, for example, Uranus and Neptune where at exactly 18 and 19 degrees from Capricorn, forming a superconjunction with these important transpersonal planets, making this one of the most transformative generations of late on a social level. These are people who have new plans for the Earth, such as reforming hierarchies. Born between 1989 and 1990, they have Pluto in Scorpio, as well as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, a force to be reckoned with.

Parents try to tell them what’s best, but if that doesn’t seem correct or valid in their eyes, rebellion is almost certain. These people are more prone to wish to find a middle ground where both interests are met, and not only fulfilling their parents demands. This will likely need to be done on their own terms, as their intuition towards what is more valid can be prioritized, whatever the hierarchic or familiar bond.

It’s as if they are able to recognize good intentions, but they also want their own choices to be understood and (respected) as well, since they are directly connected to their sense of personal power and purpose.

A good line of questioning for those who come from this generation is to imagine themselves in a world with no restrictions, where they can do whatever they want, with no financial or any other limitations whatsoever. The idea is to blend the act of doing as they please while at the same time contributing to human evolution as a whole in an altruistic way.

Birth Chart Interactions

On a personal level, many natives with Pluto in Scorpio usually want many things to be under their domain and have a potential to hide information away. There’s a greater tendency to occasionally want to have control and the advantage, going as far as acting manipulative to achieve that, especially if they need other people to agree with their ideas or points of view. This also depends on possible aspects formed with Pluto in their birth charts. A good advice would be not to let themselves succumb to temptation to use their personal magnetism and sexual energy for their own benefit, also avoiding obsessions or personal manipulation in relationships.

Those born under this positioning tend to learn how to solve their own problems alone from a young age, usually finding creative and ingenious solutions to do so. Many will say this latest Pluto-Scorpio generation spent their whole time playing video games or surfing the Internet, but somehow along the way, magic happens. Suddenly, consciousness awakens and there’s no going back: Personal power is acknowledged and everything starts to make more sense in life.

Their reaction to offenses also tend to be more intense that the offense itself. They are also more prone to nurture darker thoughts and a more pessimistic view of life, even if latently. There’s a certain need to change the world built into this generation, with a particular desire to make it better. Some will be called “old souls” at some point in their lives, and they go through existential crisis while still very young. Although it can be complicated to see themselves or a family member go through these situations, these are moments that, if seized, can be magical and transcendent. In fact, all those who go through an existential crisis will come out of it with a new and renewed consciousness, which is good for humanity’s development, as a whole.

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