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Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio in the Birth Chart

They tend to have an intuitive mind capable of deep insights. The perception of people with Mercury in Scorpio can lead to critical examination of human motivations. They consider things accurately, but not necessarily with compassion. Sometimes they use aggressive language, as they tend to refuse to mince words and end up hurting others’ feelings unintentionally. Either say exactly what they think or remain silent.

They make plans in secret and communicate them only when and if it serves their ultimate goal. If Mercury is afflicted in Scorpio, there may be hidden motives and a lot of cleverness to deceive others on these planes. However, as they can be influenced by strong emotional factors, they are more objective in their plans when they are not personally involved with their “victims”.

Their determination and great ingenuity allow them to overcome obstacles that others would consider insurmountable.

A detective’s mind

Individuals with Mercury in the sign of Scorpio are good detectives, researchers and researchers, courtesy of their analytical mind and keen curiosity. It seems they always need to know everything, but they rarely reveal much about themselves.

In more evolved people, there is a scientific ability that stems from their need to know how everything works and understand the fundamental processes of transformation. If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, their investigative mind may become more focused and preoccupied with sex or constant desires to merge with and control others. This tension can make people more readily mistrustful as well. In relationships, this is a dish full of jealousy and possessiveness.

To get to the “truth” so desired by Scorpio, they may need to learn how to balance their energy and gain more confidence and serenity.

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