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Saturn in Virgo in the BirthChart

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People with Saturn in Virgo can be very practical, serious and hard-working. They have a penchant for research, elaborating strategies, and maintaining records, making them very responsible and giving them a particular talent for fixing things. Usually, they avoid the spotlight because they tend to have a more reserved and shyer stance. This positioning favors more cautious and conservative behaviors, with excellent planning.


Addicted to Perfection


Being overly self-critical and underestimating their talents is a trend here. It is like a constant bashfulness. Despite what they might think, nobody needs to be perfect to be successful. Therefore, this idea of perfection does not apply to absolutely anything in life. They need to learn to minimize their criticism (and self-criticism) and improve their sense of humor. Routine and order are essential components in their lives, making them very attached to a project’s details, for example. They feel that a job well done is crucial and that things must be improved, managed, or maintained correctly.


They tend to be perfectionists and have a good eye for detail. Their qualities of precision and exactness are valued in any area that demands very detailed work, with the potential for success in areas such as medicine, engineering, IT and others.


Don’t worry, be happy!


Saturn in Virgo can bring an excessive concern with details. The lesson presented here is to learn how to identify what is important and what isn’t. Usually, they like to control their environment completely. Still, if they let that control go a little, they can relax and enjoy more what’s happening around them, expressing the creativity hidden inside them.


Usually, they worry a lot about their health, nutrition and hygiene. However, with this positioning, the concern can be a borderline obsession and quickly turn into compulsive behavior. They could, for example, be constantly worried about how their bodies are functioning.


They can deprive themselves of many things to achieve their goals. If they have trouble managing their goals, they tend to get nervous and attract health issues, especially in their intestines. They need to worry less about the small details, focusing on what really matters. The tip is: To relax more, work moderately, stress less and always try to improve their sense of humor. Such actions have a direct effect on the health of those with this Saturn positioning since too much work and worry can lead to anxiety, something which can indeed affect their organism due to the stress it causes.

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