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Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo in the Birth Chart

Energy and skill in everyday work are two characteristics of those with Mars in Virgo. The actions of those who have this positioning tend to be better planned and analyzed, so they generally like to act only when there are practical reasons for doing so. Execution of action is done systematically, and details do not go unnoticed. They tend to be perfectionist, meticulous and critical people, who also quite like all levels of organization, especially in the environment where they work.

Surgical precision

Whoever has Mars in Virgo usually is skilled with precision operations and sharp instruments, so this is a very good positioning for skilled artisans, mechanics and surgeons. As Virgo also deals with health, it may be that skills related to medicine or nutritional control can be developed.

They are usually energetic and perfectionist workers, acting with focus, precision and efficiency - something that helps in any profession. They may be irritated or frustrated when things are not done right, so they tend to want to do things themselves due to their more exacerbated perfectionism. It is as if others have never done a job as meticulously as they do.

It may be a good idea for them to decrease their concern with perfection and such painstaking details a little, as this can hinder professional growth if the person gets too attached to the details and does not pay due attention to the overall picture. Their fear of taking risks can also make them miss good opportunities. When Mars is under tension it tends to cause a more nervous and irritable temper, which is also not good for the work environment.

Mars in Virgo in private - doing it right

Details matter here. This positioning makes the person pay full attention to their private moments, which usually start with small soft caresses, as if the person is exploring in detail and discovering a new body. Pleasing their partner tends to gain priority, and they always show a lot of understanding and skill in what is most exciting and effective. The tendency is also to enjoy some fantasies or fetishes, or even something simpler, like a weekend at a different inn. Suffice it to include some special programming for those who have this positioning to cheer them up, as they tend to get hung up on details.

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