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Midheaven in Virgo in the BirthChart

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Virgo is an energy that stimulates efficiency, organization and helpfulness. The test of this sign by coloring the Midheaven in a birth chart can influence those with this positioning to be a potential manager and have the public image of a modest person, who may even appear as someone who does not aspire to a prominent position. Consequently, such a person can feel more at home behind the scenes, in a supportive role, and being second in command, for example. Suppose the other aspects of such a person's chart indicate that the individual prefers a prominent position. In that case, such positioning can also be of great help and their energy can result in managers, team leaders or people who need to take care of many details.

Providing an adequate service

Areas such as medicine, infirmary, emergency services, firefighters and essential and routine forces can be attractive. The individual may want to do good for people through their services. There may also be a compassionate way of operating on account of the reflection with the opposite sign, Pisces. This vocation can tend people towards teaching or caring for people. This positioning is also associated with organized labor movements or the well-being of ordinary workers. Suppose other factors in such people's chart also help in some way. In that case, the mastery of musical instruments can also be positively influenced.

The desire to help others is partly due to the empathy and compassion from the bottom of the sky in Pisces as a base of operation. However, Pisces feels the entirety of the universe, which can interact with Virgo's pragmatism in the MH. The individual may try to compensate for this by clinging to worldly realities or wanting to take care of everything to feel in control. Out of their fear of being oppressed by the infinite, socially, they can still become someone too rigid to impose order in their domain and career, denying any access to what is mysterious and being too critical, practical, and detailed-oriented, leaving no room for a more ethereal and abstract vision of things.


They can also excessively criticize people who are not up to their standards. They must learn to honor and appreciate love, recognizing with Virgo clarity their part in the whole scheme of things. Only then will they be able to offer the world their efficient service, which has something divine about its base.

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