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Neptune in Virgo in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Virgo from 1928 to 1942. During this period there was greater encouragement for a spiritual quest. But it is not just the spirituality that comes from within, but a ring of solidarity that gets its hands dirty.

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From 1928 to 1942... Spirituality and hard work.

During the period when Neptune was in Virgo, it stimulated a greater spiritual search. However, it was not just the spirituality that comes from within, but a ring of solidarity, which gets its hands dirty. People needed to do something practical to help those in need. Such behavior was also imprinted on the souls of those born during this period.

Neptune in Virgo is in its exile, showing that the downside of this lofty ideal was that people tended to experience more of the problems of others and the world. When placed in an environment of suffering, they ended up absorbing this energy.

Virgo’s detail-oriented side did not help much either, as people could be more critical of those who do not share their ideals. To top it off, people could take the details out of context, sticking to specific points rather than analyzing the big picture. Neptune created a veil that tended to confuse the crumbling of Virgo details.

Practicality also permeated the context of the time, so the generation born with Neptune in Virgo was not afraid of hard work and tended to be efficient. No wonder that difficult events marked history during this period, such as the Great Depression that spread from the USA and the beginning of World War II.

In love, Neptune in Virgo brought a period of lasting relationships, where one really cared for their partner’s well-being. Instead of showing affection to the family, people preferred to show their feelings through actions, such as supporting the home through hard and honest work.

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