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Many of Virgo’s qualities are enhanced when this sign graces the Part of Fortune. IF there were many positive experiences in childhood, a stronger sense of solidarity is expected when they are older, where the person is finally capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes, with more chances of seeing life under the light of humility and service.

They are almost never idle, being constantly productive in work and other occupations, which are attitudes that can bring personal contentment. There’s potential for a natural desire to feel clean and pure. Their relationship with order also has the potential to bring much satisfaction. With this positioning, the individual could have a better understanding of the importance of details and that small things, when accumulated, can become a burden along the way.

There could also be a natural need to better yourself in all you do, as well as seeing your surroundings in order, taking care of the details and feeling part of a perfection which is greater than yourself. You are also capable of finding great pleasure in looking after your health, yourself and the world as a whole.

The power of work and the willingness to perform helpful roles is a tendency. However, when there’s tension in the positioning or excessive demands early in life, with lack of support and understanding, the fear of making a mistake or being unable to fulfill a certain task could emerge. Excessive demands and rigid rules of conduct can generate a mental fatigue and impressions which follow the individual all through their lives. Such tension, if present, can make the individual have a stronger need for approval, a fear of not being good enough and to feel bad when disappointing others.

Within that context, they can develop an excessive perfectionism, where they feel as if they always need to give the best of themselves, expecting nothing in return (and this includes suffocating their feelings, since they can also feel like they can’t show weakness or become a burden to others).

It is all a question of making adjustments. The first step is to identify if these feelings are present and later heal the negative impressions they could have about themselves, transforming their pattern of subservience into positive self-sufficiency. This can offer them more self-esteem and help them achieve their full potential, becoming a more productive person, capable of helping those in need. This can be achieved through therapy or insights obtained through self-discovery and self-analysis.

Cultivate discernment, analysis and tolerance. You are probably a lot happier when everything is in order, as seeing everything in the most perfect order promises great joy to you.