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Uranus in Virgo in the BirthChart

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Last periods with Uranus in Virgo: 1962 to 1968 | 2046 to 2053
Generations with a potential to focus on humanities’ practical matters, where medical research, integrity and mind-body harmony become more relevant.

Historically, those periods had great technological advancements, social changes and pattern shifts in work, service, workforce and health management, inspiring a deeper consciousness of the important balance between mind and body.

The last generation born when Uranus transited through Virgo was in the 1960s’. During that time, were created the first computers, which then started to be used for work in the shape of mainframes (huge computers with very limited processing power). Many believed the automation of daily tasks by machines, computers and other devices would free us to lead a more carefree, high quality life. In the health field, there was the invention of the contraceptive pill.

Individuals with this positioning in their birth charts were born amidst the computers’ technological revolution. Later, when they grew up and developed into their fields of work, they would create innovations and also revolutionize areas such as health and medicine, nurturing an academic culture and spreading information such as the harmful effects of cigarettes, the importance of eating healthily and popularized alternative therapies for individual harmony.

Birth Chart Interactions

Being born with Uranus influence over Virgo in their birth charts can instigate a desire to make a contribution to the world through work and service, even creating new ways of working or fighting for better conditions. Routine tends to be more dynamic, with a strong need to avoid wasting time.

This positioning can also be a source of nervous tension, especially if Uranus has a tense aspect with other planets or if that individual is anxious or nervous to begin with. However, it also makes their mind more able to analyze and research, and encourages a certain originality when approaching issues or projects.

All that’s familiar and has been tried and tested can also be favored due to Virgo’s energy, even if Uranus tendency for unconventional behaviors are directly opposed to Virgo’s influence.

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