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MarsMars in House 7 of the BirthChart

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Having Mars in this sector can lead people to be more self-assertive in relation to others, confronting or questioning the people with whom they associate throughout life. For example, in marriage, there may be a tendency to spend some energy in discussions, where the partner can be equally argumentative. People with this positioning tend to appreciate independence even though they recognize the value of their partner, so when working in a team they have a slightly more assertive dynamic, inclined to leading the group.

This is a sector of one’s chart that represents not only love relationships, but in-depth relationships of any kind, as well as customers, buyers, partners and even enemies. When Mars is active, it can agitate one’s life in this direction, indicating competitions, possible interpersonal conflicts or ruptures.

At the very least, a type of dynamism is expected in this sector of one’s chart. It is useful for them to learn to be less direct and more pleasant with other people, as well as to commit themselves a little more and be more diplomatic. The best advice is to be on the alert, because preparation never hurts.

They may have a heroic streak, always wanting to defend their spouse and partners in general. Interpersonal relationships energize and stimulate them a great deal. They may want an active partner who can share life and the things of this world. The partner needs to challenge them, help them start projects, stimulate ideas and maybe even compete. Many people with Mars in the house 7 need a partner with whom they can "fight" from time to time! Relationships have a lot of energy, which needs to be channeled in a constructive way. Therefore, it is better for the competition between such people and their partner be directed towards things that are aggregating for themselves and for the world.

To get the best results in weddings and partnerships, they should try to be more cooperative and be very calm, training kindness and diplomacy instead of allowing any overly impetuous tendencies to appear.

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