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Uranus in House 7 of the BirthChart

See the characteristics of those who have Uranus in House 7 of the Birth Chart.

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Possible harmonic aspects of Uranus in House 7:

  • You tend to enjoy nurturing friendship for your partner;
  • You value intellectual exchange and quality of communication;
  • You gain more independence and taste for self-management;
  • Respect for mutual freedom can favor and preserve the union of partners;
  • New concepts of justice, you tend to adapt or modernize existing legal codes;
  • You tend to be a bolder person, who may enjoy being challenged by your partners.

Possible negative aspects of Uranus in House 7:

  • You may have unstable relationships;
  • The possible realization that “all of a sudden, everything was fine, and now everything has changed” in relationships;
  • Tendency to have high expectations in your relationships;
  • Marriage or floating partnerships. Possible inconstancy in partnerships;
  • You value for more freedom and independence in marriage;
  • There may be sudden separations;
  • You generally reject the submission role, wanting to be respected and asserting your ideas and points of view;
  • You may appear cold or indifferent until you decide to surrender;
  • You may feel primary attraction to those who are different, unconventional, or foreign;
  • Tendency to repudiate melodramas and sentimentality.

Possible challenges of Uranus in House 7:

  • You must learn to trade as equals;
  • You must live relationships in a freer way;
  • You must respect your individual freedom and let the other live it too;
  • The ideal partner should enjoy your personal freedom as much as you do.
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