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Neptune in House 7 of the BirthChart

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With such a positioning, we can state that illusion and fantasy can more readily take over these people's vision, making them come up with unfounded assumptions or confusing expectations with reality; the latter is especially important in interpersonal relationships, where they tend to begin seeing others through a veil over their own eyes. Romanticism is present in their lives, as is excessive idealization of their partners.

They can surrender to their partner in an exaggerated manner, but also demand the same behavior from their partner. Because of this, they may suffer some disappointments in their lives and feel uncomfortable if others do not meet their ideal expectations. They must understand that others are never perfect, and it is necessary to know how to deal with the limitations of each human being.

Their dream can be to find a soul mate and have a happy relationship and affinity. However, occasionally they may relate to difficult people, with quite a different personality or quite far from this ideal. Thus, before starting a relationship or getting married, they should check whether their partner is not linked to something illegal, if they are really a decent person or if they are not too far from the ideal minimum; they need to check the potential partner’s life more profoundly before getting more serious about the relationship, so that there are no disappointments.

When it comes to expectations, we should know first that when we expect too much from others, we can unfortunately get frustrated. Even so, we can always experience a process of growth through the illusion/disillusionment duality. Nothing is in vain, and everything can be used for our own growth, self-knowledge, and life experience.

Despite their dreams and idealizations about others, people born with this positioning in their charts can have a happy marriage and experience unconditional love. They must learn to just accept the partner as they are and not as they want them to be. Thus, with more awareness of this, they will be able to recognize the qualities in others without having to imagine or idealize how good it would be if they were a certain way. They can use their imagination to create scenarios and invent something that will make for a happy couple. The tendency is relationships with sensitive people.

It takes an effort to seek more insight and clarity to see what is really in front of them and not in their mind. Objectivity and pragmatism should be constant goals in their lives. They need to be wholesome in their relationships and not be seduced or influenced by people and environments too swiftly. They need to analyze the situation practically and realistically before making any judgments.

There is some resistance to being more sensitive and spiritual, and throughout their lives partners can help them with these issues.

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