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Saturn in House 7 of the BirthChart

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In house seven, Saturn prepares to “die” on the horizon, just as the Sun itself does at the end of every day since the world has been world. In this sector, the planet announces some difficulties and limitations for relationships, partnerships, and contracts or, at best, given by good aspects, a serious and positive commitment both for love and for professional matters and other projects.

Those born with such positioning may show a certain coolness in their relationships, as the tendency is to be a little more demanding and critical with their partner. One wants to be taken care of, can attract partners who have no responsibility and the roles can end up being reversed: they are the one who takes care of the partner, or even, they may be attracted to people who are emasculating, austere, or who set limits. Until they achieve the necessary experience and awareness, relationships may not flow in the desired way and result in disappointment.

The tendency is to face the resistance of the other, eventually experiencing delays and inflexibility, where everything will depend, of course, on the chart as a whole. Saturn also teaches the natives the limits that the world sets in relation to their posture, and with such a positioning, you will find that you cannot demand from the other what you do not have. Chances are you will have good contacts with older or more mature people who will offer you facilities or difficulties, depending on the chart.

On the other hand, some people are in no hurry to have a relationship or to get married, because they want to make the right choices and like more serious and substantial relationships. The tendency is not to have many serious love relationships throughout their life, as they may find it difficult to build something with someone. Despite the delay, when they find someone they really love or feel they are worth, they tend to start long-term relationships.

A certain sense of responsibility and fairness can be present in everything they do. At work, with partners and partnerships, for example, they tend to fulfill agreements and commitments, demonstrating seriousness and competence. They tend to like knowing they are respected.

Among their challenges is abolishing the word “guilt” from their lives and replacing it with “responsibility.” The relationship must also receive special care and they must be faithful and supportive. Every relationship faces some challenges, so they will need to take a lot of responsibility to face any obstacles that may arise.

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