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Mercury in House 7 of the BirthChart

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mercury in house 7

The House 7 rules all types of relationships that we enter into in our life through some type of alliance or society. Having Mercury in this location can intensify relationships, making bonding more possible. The flow of thought of these people can be quite directed to matters involving partnerships in general and it is likely that the person has an appreciation for alliances, with an increased need to discuss and resolve things cooperatively. They tend to attract an intellectual or speaking partner and can also be good at dealing with the public, especially when there is direct contact with someone - one to one.

Thus, all activities in which someone must deal with someone, including advisory and counseling services, may be appropriate for them. Themes such as fairness and balance tend to be important, in addition to activities that involve mental or verbal competition, such as debates, for example. Restlessness can also increase.

One matter for them to pay attention to is to become a better listener and less talkative, as Libra inspires a tendency to speak more and listen less. Due to their greater mental ease in dealing with others, it may even seem that they are able to read others between the lines before they even have the opportunity to express themselves. Much of the mental energy can also be directed to reflect on relationships with their spouse.

This is a position of Mercury that suggests many mental interactions with all kinds of people, and it is ideal for dealing with the public. However, if there is no balance, such people may start to pay more attention than they should to others and require a lot of unnecessary social approval. It also helps them if they want to become good psychologists or public relations professionals.

With such a positioning, whenever signing contracts they must pay a lot of attention, especially if Mercury in their natal charts is activated by some tense traffic. Their natural rush to speed things up can sometimes lead them to neglect the need to conduct a more in-depth analysis of things, which would prevent such people from fully grasping and discerning what is itemized.

These people tend to be a little more concerned about confrontational relationships, so generally, people with this positioning spend a lot of mental energy trying to understand what the best solution for their relationships is and usually resolve things diplomatically and politically.

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