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Moon in House 1 of the BirthChart

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Any planet in the first worldly house has a stronger meaning on the birth chart, as it interacts with your individual Self. The more planets there are in the house 1, the more the person tends to focus on their own energy instead of that of others. With such a positioning, people tend to be guided by their own feeling, with a more refined sixth sense that helps them to better read the behavior of people. You can usually feel more easily those who are sincere, honest or those who have ulterior motives.

A whirlwind of emotions and lots of sensitivity are also present in a person with this positioning. At a given time, for example, you can be happy and right away sad afterwards. You tend to be cautious in some situations and impulsive in others. Anyway, it is a diversity of feelings that can change all the time, especially about yourself (a). In order not to be enslaved by one’s emotions, it is important for the person to get things off their chest, or they may harbor feelings of insecurity. Occasionally, you need to reflect that you are not the only person who feels, suffers and needs care.

Your feelings can be easily hurt, as you are a person more susceptible to pressure from friends, because being accepted in your milieu is important for you. You can always be more in tune with people’s trends and tastes, identifying the fluctuations and needs of public opinion with greater propriety. It is very important for people to protect themselves from any negative energies so they can absorb them more easily.

When you feel attacked, emotions suffer immediately and are very apparent, but before you fight back, you should be considerate and think about the feelings of others, seeking greater balance to discern what you should say and what you should not - and precisely when. Always doing something helps to alleviate emotional restlessness.

On more sensitive days, even your reflection in the mirror can cause changes in mood. A person with this positioning is usually concerned about how they look and what others will think of them, and then the self-confidence factor comes into play again. There is a tendency to need to be remembered and appreciated by others, feeling hurt if they are not, especially by those who are closest to them. The ideal is not to exaggerate this issue too much so that there are no unnecessary sacrifices. Nourishing your desires well and putting your heart and soul into the things you do is very important. Without this deeper emotional connection with their duties, the tendency is that people with this positioning do not feel completely fulfilled in whatever they do.

You should also think about yourself, your own needs, and not just trying to please others all the time. Developing your self-esteem is essential, and for this you need to discover that you do not depend on anyone else's opinion to find your identity, not letting different opinions or oppressive environments affect you emotionally.

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